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Live Lip-Dub Proposal Gets Hilarious Divorce Parody
Remember that elaborate but oh-so-cute live lip-dub marriage proposal from two weeks ago? The heartwarming and tear-inducing sweetness was too much to bear from some, which is why The Second City Network have come up with a parody already. And it doesn’t bode well for the guy this ti…
High School Runner Carries Fallen Competitor Across the Finish Line
West Liberty Salem high school runner Meghan Vogel wasn’t going to win the Ohio D-III 3,200-meter state finals, which was held last weekend. In fact, the junior, who had already won the 1,600 meter, was in last place with about 20 feet to go.
That’s when she noticed that one of her competitors, sopho…
Watch This Terrifying Video of an Out of Control Lamborghini
Have you ever passed someone in a sports car, watched them rev the engine like a pompous jerk and find yourself thinking something maybe a bit off-color about them? Well, this video shows what we all wish would happen to that guy. In this case, the driver is behind the wheel of a Lamborghini, a yell…
‘Hot Problems’ Possibly the Worst Music Video Ever!
Prepare yourself. What you're about to witness might just be the worst music video ever. Yes, even worse than Rebbecca Black's Friday. I'll admit the song is actually a little catchy, so fair warning before you click play.
Watch the music video 'Hot Problems' here:
Hilarious Titanic SUPER-3D Movie Trailer Goes Viral
The re-release of Titanic in 3D seemed to have a decent weekend at the box office, but a spoof trailer for the new movie seems to be taking off even quicker on YouTube.
The trailer features a version of the re-release of Titanic if George Lucas, J...

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