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Cowboy Stadium Runaway Golf Cart Remix Video
Apparently a field marker jammed the gas pedal on a golf cart after a recent high school football game at Cowboy Stadium. Luckily the injuries sustained were fairly minor, so I only feel halfway guilty about laughing so hard at this.
High School Kissing Prank Goes Viral, Some Not Laughing
I might expect to see this sort of thing happen at a high school pep rally in Arkansas, but Minnesota? This pep rally prank is wrong on so many levels. A little funny, but wrong.
Needless to say this video left some people with a bad taste in their mouth...
Was This Local News Anchor Drunk on the Air? [VIDEO]
People tend to drink a little more around the holidays - and usually for good reason.  But a news anchor in Minnesota may have gotten started a little early this year.
Annie Stensrud is an anchor for a CBS affiliate in Mankato, Minnesota which is about 80 miles southwest of Minneapolis...

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