If you've always just walked past the taquitos spinning on the roller at the gas station, you've lived a sad life. Those little rolls of deliciousness are life changing. Apparently, to one Kansas City man, they were worth going to jail.

According to The Pitch Weekly, just after midnight on Monday morning, Christopher Kirby decided he needed some of that tasty goodness, but didn't want to pay for it. The worker at the QuikTrip saw him trying to steal the taquitos and alerted an off duty (but still in uniform) police officer.

When the officer tried to stop Kirby, he ran to his car and took off, nearly hitting the officer in the process.He then led police in a 90 mile per hour chase where he almost hit another officer with his car. They ended up stopping him using spike strips and upon searching his car discovered alcohol and drug paraphernalia.

Let this be a lesson. Yes, Taquitos are delicious, but probably not worth a criminal record. Especially when you can buy a box to make at home for less than $10.