I know it's hard being Taylor Swift every single one of her songs tells us she's had a heartbreaking 23 years.  Now it's hard just to look like Taylor Swift.

18-year-old Xenna Kristian of Shropshire, England is a college student who works part-time as a Taylor Swift impersonator.  She's been doing some appearances at events where they want a Taylor Swift lookalike. Last week, one of her classmates approached her and beat her up out of nowhere.  The girl kicked Xenna over and over, which bruised her face and broke her jaw.

Xenna says she believes the girl beat her up because,"Since I started being a lookalike, people have been saying stuff.  They must be jealous that I'm going off to do something with my life." That's pretty obnoxious,but I will cut her a break because she did just get beat up.  There's no word on whether the girl who attacked her has been arrested.