The class of East Great Falls is returning for their 10-year reunion, and apparently so is most of the cast of the original "American Pie".  After two movie, only a few members of the cast returned for "American Wedding", something many critics and fans say hurt the movie.  Since then we've had a lot of straight-to-DVD releases under the "American Pie" label, such as "The Naked Mile".  When "American Pie" came out, I was a senior at Old High.  As someone who was the exact age as the characters in the film, I felt the film worked because it perfect captured the feelings that my friends and I were experiencing.  In fact, when Jim said the line, "I just can't talk to girls!", everyone in my group collectively shouted my name.  Thanks jerks!

I'm glad to see the principle cast returning for this film.   Though not featured in the teaser, IMDB shows Natasha Lyonne and Shannon Elizabeth to be returning for this final film as well.