Every year, the web site Wall Street 24/7 publishes a list of  ten brands that are about to disappear.  They're not always 100% right, considering last year they called for the demise of BP, Kia Motors, and Zales Jewelry.

However, they were spot on about the closing of Blockbuster Video, T-Mobile, and the rental car company Dollar Thrifty, all of which are either closed, or barely hanging on.

Here's who they predict will shut down in 2011:

#1.)  Sony Pictures. . . It used to be Columbia Tri-Star Pictures, and they'll probably sell it.

#2.)  A&W . . . The root beer will survive, thank god, but the restaurants can't compete.

#3.)  Saab . . . Do you know anyone who still drives one?

#4.)  American Apparel . . . They expanded too fast, and their founder's a defendant in a bunch of sexual harassment lawsuits.

#5.)  Sears . . . The failed merger of Sears and K-Mart means one brand has to go.

#6.)  Sony Ericsson . . . It'll probably be folded into Sony.

#7.)  Kellogg's Corn Pops . . . Breakfast got healthier.  And Corn Pops ain't it.

#8.)  MySpace . . . Who?

#9.) Soap Opera Digest . . . Well, there aren't any more soaps.  So . . .

#10.)  Nokia