There's still a year and a half until the release of the brand new Star Wars movie but already people can't stop talking about.

Shooting for the film began a couple weeks ago and thanks to the generosity of J.J. Abrams, you now have a chance to be in the movie!

So how can you be in Star Wars Episode VII? Lots of hard work, dedication and years of effort could do it for you, or you could just donate $10, which ever sounds easier to you.

Disney (who now owns Star Wars) has put in one million dollars to start the Star Wars Force for Change charity which will collect money to benefit UNICEF.

Not only does your $10 donation help whatever it is UNICEF does, but it also enters you in a chance to be a part of the new Star Wars film.

The winner of the contest will be flown to London with a guest to fill a small role in the movie as well as being Abrams VIP guest for the weekend. You can enter at

You can check out the promo video that Abrams shot for the charity below, and one last thing. What is that fascinating creature behind Abrams? I don't know but it looks awesome!