That's how you end up being homeless. Not having a good relationship with God. 

Mayor Ivy Taylor of San Antonio had an interesting perspective on the homeless problem in her city. At an April 3 mayoral candidate forum, she told people that people in poverty just have a bad relationship with God. The actual quote was taken from a recent Q and A she did.

"To me, it's broken people...people not being in a relationship with their Creator, and therefore not being in a good relationship with their families and their communities....and not being productive members of society.

From my personal experience in seeing people living below the poverty line. Some of those people, all they have is religion. So telling those people, just go to church more and you will not be in poverty is dumb in my opinion. How about offer some programs for the less fortunate in your city mayor?

The mayor is now trying to backtrack on those comments because the election is a few weeks away. She is saying that NOWcastSA misled viewers by editing her words. Hard to see how that could happen since NOWcastSA was live streaming the event. So you don't have to scroll through the whole video above, it is at the one hour, seven minute and forty seconds mark.

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