One of the reasons I rarely see a movie in an actual theatre, besides having no time and a spare $20, is the other people I have to share a theatre with....and their cell phones.  In addition to our county having an obesity epidemic, I seriously believe the U.S. has a high Cell Phone Addiction rate. 

Now I'll be the first to admit, I use my phone alot but when it comes to watching a movie or seeing live theatre, I silence that bad boy & put it in my purse.  Some people apparently can't seem to function without it.

Thank goodness for Lana Sweeten-Shults at Times Record News who addressed this very topic and how it's effecting us locally.

Midwestern State University's theater department over the years has likewise battled such distractions. Not only is there no talking or texting during a play, but patrons are asked not to bring along children younger than 6, who often do not have the fortitude to sit dutifully still and be well-behaved during a 2½-hour production.

Find out what happened when the Alamo Drafthouse booted out a T.A. (Texting Addict) at Times Records News.