With all the "Sex Scandals" going around right now, one person put together a list of the 10 types of cheating done by men and then rated them from the least to most evil.  What do you think?

#1.)  He leaves you for a man. It's the least evil because he finally admits he's gay, so your marriage was a sham anyway.

#2.)  He leaves you for another woman because he says he doesn't love you anymore. If he's being honest, this will still hurt, but you'll recover and move on.

#3.)  He cheats with a woman you've never met. In this case, he doesn't have an excuse like he's gay or doesn't love you . . . he just kinda cheats without any deeper reason.

#4.)  He cheats on you with a prostitute. Even though there's no emotional element, he does open you up to the risk of an STD.

#5.)  He cheats on you with an employee. Like, say, an intern.

#6.)  He cheats on you with an employee who's a member of the household. Like, say, your kids' nanny.

#7.)  He cheats on you with your best friend. This sucks because you lose your husband AND your best friend.

#8.)  He cheats on you with your best friend who's married to his best friend. That ruins TWO marriages and several friendships in one move.

#9.)  He cheats on you with your sister. Now that's screwing with your marriage AND your family.

#10.)  He cheats on you with your daughter (who is not his daughter). That's right . . . in this list, WOODY ALLEN is a bigger villain than Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and everyone else.