(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Amanda Bynes has been in the news a lot the past few months. She’s been having a very public meltdown on Twitter and then she got herself arrested. She insists that she’s not crazy, yet her behavior is erratic and comparable to the train wreck that just keeps going while you stand back and watch. There’s a certain degree of entertainment that comes from her tweets, yet one group is saying there’s a way we can all help. They’ve come out with a PSA that advises to simply stop caring.

Their method makes sense. As much as she gripes about hating the attention, Bynes is clearly asking for it. Tweeting photos of herself shirtless and stopping in the middle of a spin class to touch up her makeup are sure-fire ways to get people to notice you, and she knows it. She’s not a stupid woman, she just wants people to love her. Oh, and to only use photos of her from Twitter.

Yet if we stop paying attention and re-tweeting and gobbling up the news about her, she’ll eventually stop trying. As the video states, “We have the power to end this epidemic.”