I know that as an NFL fan I am spending some money, but I never want to see the dollar amount.I know that if you have season tickets at the new Cowboys stadium you are going to spend this money easily, but according to the survey it factors in all the money you spend at the stadium too.

--$380 on gas, transportation, and parking.

--$400 on food and drink at the games.

--$70 on clothing and team gear.

--$210 on food and drinks at bars watching away games.

--$113 for one ticket each year to an away game, plus another $500 on transportation and a hotel.

--$250 for subscriptions to stuff like DirecTV's NFL package, other sports channels, magazines, and websites.

That adds up to $2,036 per year.  If you're a hardcore fan from age 21 through 65, over those 44 years you'll spend approximately $89,584 on your team.

Hopefully my blog post doesn't get any husbands in trouble with their wives. If you do get in trouble I am sorry.