Wichita Falls is full of great restaurants, cool history, and tons of other fun facts and activities that you may not be aware of. So we went ahead and put together a list of the best of Wichita Falls from restaurants and parks to notable people and funny signs. Check out the list of articles below and experience the best of Wichita Falls.

  • Best Coffee in Wichita Falls

    Some like it hot. Some like it cold. And some just like it a lot. There’s no denying it, Wichita Falls loves its coffee. That’s evident in the sheer number of places you can get it. Every restaurant serves it. Almost every fast food place brews it. And then there are dedicated Coffee Shops. Read More to take a look at a few places to go for the Best Coffee In Wichita Falls.

    photo by Dave Diamond
  • Best Cheap Restaurants in Wichita Falls

    Now restaurants seem to come and go at the drop of a hat around here, so we thought we would put together a list of the top 10 best cheap restaurants in Wichita Falls before they all change hands again. We like to support our local economy through our local businesses, so most of the restaurants on the list are locally owned.

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  • Best Places for a Kid's Birthday Party in Wichita Falls

    Wichita Falls has a lot of activities for kids. Children are sometimes very particular about what they do and where they go, which means that planning a birthday party can feel like a chore. We've come up with a few ideas that may help you plan that next get-together, while keeping your finicky nipper happy.

  • Best Places to Meet Singles in Wichita Falls

    So maybe your new to Wichita Falls? Maybe you just don’t know the area too well. Maybe your looking for a break from the norm and want to have a little fun with some other singles that feel, shall I say a little lonely too? That may be a bit rash, but hey were all in this race together and sometimes its to far and between that we bump into other singles looking for the same! What ever you’re into, a night out on the town, some place were you can share your intellect or interests, or maybe just some common ground for good conversation, Wichita Falls has a little for everybody!

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  • Best Parks and Playgrounds in Wichita Falls

    Cluttered house, Kids running up and down the hall screaming, easy cheese all over the dog – Let’s get those little ankle bitting rug rats out of the house to burn off all that energy at some of the best parks and playgrounds in Wichita Falls.

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  • Best Places to Take Your Dog in Wichita Falls

    We all love our furry little friends, so let's show them how much we care by taking them to some of the best places for dogs in Wichita Falls!

    Little Meg
  • Best Places to Go Swimming in Wichita Falls

    Summer time in Wichita Falls means heat – it also means it’s time to go swimming! Our top 5 best places to get wet in the Falls follows in no particular order. It doesn’t matter if you are out for a full-on water adventure, or just want to lounge around with a drink in your hand, chances are you’ll find the ideal place on this list. Just remember to pack your sunscreen!

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  • Best Places to Cool Off in Wichita Falls

    “Cool” When the temperature gets on the high side of one hundred, it’s something we’re all looking for. But where are the best places to cool off in Wichita Falls?

    photo by Dave Diamond
  • Best Places to Take Mom on Mother's Day

    She brought you into this world, and you almost believe her when she says she can take you right back out! Yeah, that’s right, we're talkin ’bout yo mama! For a person you are to love, listen to and care for every day of the year, here’s a Mother’s Day Top Five List and guide by Joshua David on the best places in Wichita Falls to take your mother! And don’t fret if you live outside of Wichita Falls, you’ll find places and activities like these close to where you live too.

  • Best Places to Take Dad on Father's Day in Wichita Falls

    Every June we don't recognize and celebrate our Dads, no, we recognize and celebrate our Fathers. Any guy can become a Dad, but to become a true father a man must stand as the corner stone of his family – providing for them, protecting them and teaching them. Here is a list of the best places to take your Dad in Wichita Falls. Now we know that every Dad is different, so this list is narrowed down to include places to take Dad based on his individual interests.

  • Best Outdoor Activities in Wichita Falls

    We all know it gets hot in Wichita Falls but going outdoors once in a while is important! Going outside has been proven to have numerous health benefits. So grab some sunscreen and a water bottle and go outside! Here are some of Wichita Falls best outdoor activities to give you some ideas on what to do.

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  • Urban Legends and Ghost Stories Around Wichita Falls

    Do you believe in ghosts? Well there are reported haunted places and legends around Wichita Falls that you should take a look at before making up your mind.

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  • Funniest Signs in Wichita Falls and What They Should Say

    We have received several emails with pictures of funny, weird or unbelievable signs from around the world. But we knew we had to have some local signs here in Wichita Falls that could fit in the same category. BUT, we didn’t stop there! Joshua David also included his own interpretation of the signs and changed them to what he thought they should REALLY say. So as you browse through the photo gallery, enjoy the before and after photos of Wichita Falls’ funniest signs.

    photo by Joshua David
  • Worst Traffic Lights in Wichita Falls

    Compared to a big city or a metroplex, driving through Wichita Falls doesn’t suck so bad. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t irritating parts around town.

    photo by Tony Kerns
  • Best Places to Fulfill Your School Supplies List in Wichita Falls

    When we were in grade school I would get so mad to see “Back To School” posters hanging from the ceilings in stores by mid July. we've looked around Wichita Falls and I've found the five best places to fulfill your “Back to School” needs. Whether it be cheap school supplies, less people around school supplies, celebrity preferred school supplies, cute school supplies or long term school supplies.

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  • Little Known Facts About Wichita Falls

    Wichita Falls may be considered a small town by many, but every small town has history, some of it good, some of it bad. Here's our list of the top five little known facts about the Falls.

  • Famous Landmarks in Wichita Falls

    When we start talking about landmarks in Wichita Falls, many names, most of them famous come to mind: Joseph Kemp, Frank Kell, Mia Hamm. OK, so Mia Hamm really does not have a landmark around here these days, though we're told there is a shrine planned in her honor. Just kidding. No shrine for Mia. Seriously, our city is filled with history. And just like any other city, we have landmarks that are unique, mysterious and sometimes just odd. If the walls could talk….

    photo by Mike Hendren
  • Notable People From Wichita Falls

    Wichita Falls, Tx has been the home, birth place, or temporary staying place to many notable people. So we're going to school you on who they are and what they did. Most of us know the basics like Bowling for Soup or Mia Hamm, but that's not all…

  • Notable People From Wichita Falls – PART II

    Their names are known by many, but how much do you really know about them? Maybe you've seen their images, heard their voices on radio or even seen them in action on your television, but you didn't really know who they were. Here, we offer a brief description of five individuals, each famous in one way or another who call or have called Wichita Falls their home.

  • Best Places for a First Date in Wichita Falls

    You gotta love that awkward first date feeling. Here are a few great, outside-the-box first date ideas around Wichita Falls that might help ease the tension.

  • Best Places for a Bachelor Party in Wichita Falls

    You’re ready to take the plunge. How do you spend your last night of freedom? Praying? Calling your ex-girlfriends? Here’s a list of the best places to spend that great night in Wichita Falls.

  • Best Places for a Bachelorette Party in Wichita Falls

    We all want to be able to throw a bachelorette party to be remembered if maybe not so talked about. Just about everything you could think of and more can be achieved here in Wichita Falls, all you need is to set the date and send the invites out to the girls!

  • Nastiest Bathrooms in the Wichita Falls Area

    Now we know there are a lot of bathrooms in Wichita Falls and the surrounding area and we're not even going to pretend to have visited them all, but after a little research, Johnny Thrash came up with a list of five of the grossest bathrooms in the area.

    photo by Johnny Thrash