Lord knows that I've said some pretty dumb things over the course of my life.  You probably have too.  Don't worry, unless you are closely related to me, I'll never reveal your identity.

From My Wife: (While watching a documentary that featured a man milking a cow) "Chris, Is that a boy cow, or a girl cow?" (Yes, that really happened.)

From  a co-worker: (While outside watching the wind blow white tree petals around) "Where are all those 3-hole punch thingies coming from?" (yes, he was totally serious at the time.  I laughed so hard I almost peed myself)

From a female co-worker: "I need to get an iPhone so I can play on the Android" (Wow, just wow.)

From Kory King: (While talking about the upcoming "Wheels Under Cover Car Show") "How Come nobody has ever made a convertible motorcycle?" (I thought he was kidding, but then when I laughed, I realized that he was dead serious.  He then took to defending himself by saying that if a motorcycle was convertible, it would have a top you put UP.  ????)

That's it for now.  feel free to list some of the dumb things you've heard in the past in the comment section!