How do you know when you are very old in Hollywood?  When there is an internet fad about making sure you are still alive.

Best known for playing Sal Tessio in "The Godfather" and Detective Fish on the television show "Barney Miller" and his own spinoff "Fish", Abe Vigoda turned 91-years-old yesterday, much to the surprise of many fans.  Vigoda has turned into one of those celebrities where you see an old movie or tv show with him and someone in the room says, "Is he still alive?"  The concern over Vigoda's living status has been going on for 30 years, when People Magazine made a small mistake and printed an article saying he was dead.  Vigoda has been able to take this entire thing in stride, posing for a Variety photoshoot in a casket holding the mistaken issue of People Magazine, and even lampooning the death rumors on several movies and TV shows.  This idea has taken on a life of its own, no pun intended, to the point that there is a website dedicated entirely to Vigoda's living status.

Working on a new gangster film due out next year, Vigoda is one of the oldest, if not thee oldest, actor in Hollywood still working, with 90-year-old Betty White, whom he appeared with in a recent Snicker's commercial, coming in a close second place.