When I first saw this picture I thought someone had "shopped" it.  You know, changed the proportions using Adobe's image editing software "Photoshop".  No, I would be wrong.  These thighs are on display at the 2012 London Olympics and belong to Robert Forstemann, who's a cyclist competing for Germany in the Olympics.

It shows him in his underwear, from the waist down . . . and he just might have the world's biggest thighs! I have no idea how he manages to sit on a bike.  Or walk.  His thighs look like the thighs on someone who weighs 700 pounds . How does he wear pants or shorts, or anything on his lower body?

Perhaps balding Matt Lauer can do one of those Olympic behind-the-scenes stories on those thighs? These things look like the guy weighs 700 pounds, however, that is all quad muscle and not a bit of fat on those drumsticks, I guarantee you!

OK, I must stop now as I just realized that I have written 2+ paragraphs about another man's thighs.  I need to take a break and perhaps take a shower now.  Here's another pic of Robert.