I am not sure why someone would want to rank our most disgusting habits, but sure enough, somebody got a government grant and made the study happen.

The good news is that if you cuss like a drunken sailor, your cursing is NOWHERE near as offensive as your two burrito lunch burp. This, my friends, is crucial info.  A new poll had people rank other people's habits by how disgusting they are.  And here's how the list turned out, from most disgusting to least disgusting . . .

Spitting Is Disgusting



According to the poll, spitting is absolutely the most disgusting thing we do. I can understand that, however, some people I have had the unfortunate opportunity to know turned spitting into an art form. I'm not kidding. These guys can hit an ant with saliva at 20 paces. However, it is disgusting, which makes you wonder just how ANY baseball player has managed to marry.

Woman Brushing Her Teeth
Gerard Fritz/Getty Images

Using Someone Else's Toothbrush and not Telling Them


Really???? This is number two?  While it is gross, I didn't know it was that big of a problem.  trust me when I say that I have NEVER been tempted to use someones else's brush.  that's disgusting.  Think about it, where has there mouth been?  What has been in it? I think I just threw up a little in my mouth just thinking about it.

Wow, Something Stinks

Bad Gas


I think this should be higher.  There is nothing like enjoying a nice car ride with the family when, from out of nowhere comes a smell that would gag a maggot.  The kids are passing out in the back seat, the wife is frantically trying to roll down the window, and Dad is laughing hysterically at the mayhem.  Oh wait, maybe that's just me.

Man Burping



Nothing ruins a meal quite like somebody letting one rip that sounds like it came from their toes. Then again, I have heard my whole life that a hearty belch is actually the highest compliment one can pay the chef in some middle eastern countries, but I have been far too lazy to actually look and see if that is true. Also, why do all children, and some grown men think that it's funny?

Woman Swearing



Actually kind of agree with this.  I vaguely remember reading somewhere a quote from somebody very profound that claimed that swearing was the result of a poor vocabulary.  I will state however, that NOTHING, and I do mean NOTHING, stops a wedding like a loud obscenity. (My apologies to JR, my wife's friend, but, he had it coming)

Woman Biting Fingernails

Biting Your Nails


I personally don't find biting your nails all that disgusting until you start in on your toes, but that may just be me.  Actually, I haven't used a fingernail clipper since the 80's when I was a kid, so I guess I am in no position to talk about this habit.  I do, however, make sure I am totally alone before I start munching on my nails.

Man Sucking Thumb

Sucking Your Thumb

Wow, If I ever see an adult doing this I would freak out.  I would suggest that if you can vote, and you STILL suck your thumb that you take up smoking.  i know that sounds terrible, but you OBVIOUSLY have some oral fixation issues that you need to address, and with the smoking, at least people will just give you dirty looks, they won't fall over laughing.