I've certainly never seen one of these, and I just got back from the beach last week.  So, I do wonder if this is one of those made-up trends, but, according to some media outlets, the biggest fashion hit at the beaches and pools this year is mermaid tails!

The most popular brand is called 3-Fins, and they were created by a woman in Vancouver, British Columbia named Monika Naumann.  She started making them after she noticed how obsessed her daughter was with mermaids.

The mermaid tails replace regular bikini bottoms, you still have to wear a top.  They sell for $245 but, apparently, they're not just for lying around and having people confusedly stare at you, you can actually swim in them too.  Which is good because no one wants a drowned mermaid.

If you are interested in learning more or purchasing one, feel free to check out the 3-Fins Website here. Check out the video below: