The Internet has provided a wealth of information for cooking enthusiasts, though not everybody agrees on the next trend. Dishwasher cooking seems to be catching on with YouTube videos, blogs, and how-to recipes that detail how to cook a meal while you’re cleaning your dishes.

I decided to investigate the trend by looking up videos and recipes on the subject, and I was surprised to find that food is being cooked while dishes are being washed, so it’s a soapy environment. Yet those involved in the process are taking measures to ensure their meal isn’t spoiled by something as silly as detergent.

While salmon and lasagna seem to be favorites, other items are being cooked in the non-traditional sense. Some people are cooking chicken, hot dogs, and veggies. The temperature in the dishwasher typically reaches between 140-150 degrees, so let’s hope that chicken gets thoroughly cooked.

Would you ever try dishwasher cooking or do you find a crock pot to be a better choice?