Every once in a while, when I’m at club or a bar that has a dance floor, someone will take the floor and show everyone else how it’s really done. It could be someone who is dancing with a partner or solo, but these lucky individuals are the envy of those who can’t dance.

I came across a video that demonstrates a great dance routine that would definitely grab the attention of those around you. While it may not be the right kind of attention, you’ll absolutely make a splash if you follow the instructions that this guy is giving.

It’s important that you practice this routine at home, and perfect your jazz hands. It’s not as easy as it sounds, as jazz hands require the perfect snap and the burst that follows. Rain hands are also fun, as is the freestyle portion of your routine. To go out blindly could be social suicide, so make sure you’re well-equipped with plenty of practice.

Once you’re ready to display your talents, head out with friends and wow the crowd!