Having grown up in Kansas and now living in Texas, I've had my fair share of BBQ. There's nothing quite like a hunk of meat that's been slow cooked for hours. Juicy, smokey, delicious.

You show me someone who doesn't like  BBQ, and I'll show you someone who's a liar. But, what do you actually know about the way that cooking method works? Why does it make things taste so much better than just cooking them on a grill or in an oven? How do those magical looking smoke rings work their way into the meat?

That's where this video comes in. They break down the science of BBQ and answer those very tough questions. Watch it, and next time you sit down with that delicious brisket or some mouth watering ribs, you can know exactly why it taste so good.

I only have one complaint about this video though. They claim to be at the best BBQ joint in America, but, they are wrong. That place is Oklahoma Joe's in Kansas City. Watch it for yourself and I apologize if it makes you hungry.