You know the old joke about the toothbrush being invented in Alabama?  Otherwise it would be a teethbrush! (Rimshot) Well, after you read this story, you may want to change the state in the joke to FLORIDA!

Police in Florida Are Able to Figure Out Who Bit a Man at a Party . . . Because Most of the Guests Didn't Have Teeth!!!

On Memorial Day, in East Naples, Florida, 33-year-old Tina Gonzales was throwing a birthday party for her son.  The kids ate cake, and the adults got hammered.

--Tina's neighbor eventually got into an argument with people at the party . . . we're assuming over the noise . . . and someone from the party BIT HIM.  No one would own up to it, but they were able to pin it on Tina.  How?

--The police found that none of the other adults had ENOUGH TEETH to make the bite pattern in the neighbor's arm.  Most had no teeth.  Only Tina had enough.  She was arrested.

Here's her mugshot, and unfortunately, she has her mouth closed.