Turn-Offs For Men

This one is definitely for the ladies.  If you are looking for Mr. Right, or even Mr. Right Now, you might consider avoiding these things based on a poll done by the website Female First.

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Far and away the #1 turn-off for men with 37% of them saying it was their personal #1 turn-off, and 78% of men placing tattoos in their top 5 turn-offs. So, before you go get that cool tribal ink that you think makes you unique and interesting, don't do it, because you might be reducing your dating pool to the shallow end of the gene pool and NOBODY wants that!
Bad Breath
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Bad Breath

No one wants to kiss you when your mouth smells like you've been sucking on an elephants patootie all day long. 28% of men listed this as a turn-off. It's really not hard, a little gum, breath mint, what have you... Presto, You are good to go!
Woman Somking Turn-off


Not as bad as the tramp-stamp, but 17% of men list a woman smoking as a turn-off. No need to remind anyone that it's terrible for you, but it would really be terrible to lose out on "the one" because of the habit.
Piercings Turn-Off
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Excessive Piercings

One or two in the ear is not so bad, but when we are talking about numerous other piercings, well, that definitely could be a turn-off for some men. 10% of them listed this as their #1 Turn-Off with 41% having it in their top 5. The good news is that if you already have some excessive piercings, you can let them close up most of the time, unless, of course, you have stretched your ear holes out enough to fit a zucchini in there.
Biting Fingernails

Biting Fingernails

OK, only 8% of guys listed this as their #1 turn-off, which means it's really not THAT big of deal, but it is worth mentioning because it's in 23% of the total's top 5 responses. What's that old remedy? Dousing your fingernails with hot sauce? Maybe that's something else.