Most Hated Americans
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Let's face it, some people just get under our skin.  The NY Post polled over nine thousand Americans and asked who is the most hated person in America? When you find yourself agreeing with this list you can see that the poll is pretty  much dead on.

Paris Hilton Is Hated
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Paris Hilton

If this question was asked several years ago, chances are good old Paris would have topped the list.  Now, you don't hear very much about little Paris. Of course, that's what's eventually happens when you are just not that interesting in the first place. Tell me again why is this woman famous?


Mel Gibson and Tiger Woods are Hated
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(Tie) Mel Gibson & Tiger Woods


Well, here's a fine twosome.  One, an anti-Semitic stark, raving, alcoholic loon, the other, a shameless Don Juan who found comfort in the arms of Waffle House waitresses around the globe while his wife was pregnant at home.  Of course, Mel has been arrested several times, and Tiger, NO MATTER WHAT HAS BEEN REPORTED, got the living snot beat out of him by Ellen with a 6-iron and then wrecked his Escalade.  Nice. 

OJ Simpson is Hated
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O.J. Simpson


He did it, OK? Got it... good! America's favorite wife-killing athlete comes in at number 7 on our list of the ten most hated Americans.  Hey, OJ... How did the search for the real killers go? I thought that was going to be your #1 mission after the trial. Instead, you lived on the golf course and planned heists in Vegas.  At least you're in jail now.

John Edwards Hated
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John Edwards


Former Presidential candidate John Edwards... Hmmm, let's see, involved in a lengthy affair with campaign staffer, impregnated her, denied it, maybe used campaign funds to hide the affair, all while having a wife dying of cancer.  Good guy, I think not.

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Hated more than a welfare recipient by the far right, it's no surprise that Michael Moore makes the list. Who does Michael Moore hate? The NRA, large corporations, the health care system, George W. Bush, anyway, this one's too political, I think I'll stay out of it.
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He did run a 50 Billion dollar ponzi scheme and bilked everyone from Hollywood royalty to the average joe on the street out of their life-savings. Additionally, he was able to operate for years collecting money, and never paying it out. If you don't know how a ponzi scheme works, I suggest you do a little research. they all eventually have to fall under their own weight, but this guy might have been the best ever at running them.

Jerry Sandusky Is hated
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His crimes are so heinous they don't bear repeating, but let's just say that this is the type of guy who gets offed pretty quickly when they are convicted and sent to jail.

Kim Kardashian is Hated
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Like Paris Hilton, why is this woman famous? Oh yeah, she made a sex tape with an urban music star!  I'm not sure anything of value has ever come out of her mouth, and that is putting it kindly in my book.

Casey Anthony Is Hated
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It makes me cringe every time I hear this woman's name.  It also makes me think just how screwed up our justice system can be here in the good old USA.  It was obvious to everyone in America, with the exception of the 9 jurors during her trial that Case Anthony was guilty as homemade sin.  The report is no that she is leaving the US for good and heading to Costa Rica, good riddance, I say.