During the Super Bowl this year, the debate was reignited as to which is better – the cookie or the cream in an Oreo cookie. Most of us have our preference, with cream being mine, but one man has taken his love of the cookie several steps further in an effort to separate the two. His name is David Neevel, and he’s a physicist from Oregon who created the OCM (Oreo Separator Machine) to get just what he wants out of the tasty little wafers.

In the video, Neevel explains why he wanted to make the machine, names that he would give to it if it had a catch phrase, how he constructed it, and shows the separation in action. He states that it was a difficult process and it affected his regular life while he was working on it, but the end result is an amazing contraption that will indeed get the cream off the cookie so he can enjoy just the part he wants.

Personally, I find that twisting the cookie is an effective way to get it apart, and if I were to take a knife I could just scrape the cream off easily. Apparently it’s much better to spend countless hours and months of your life in the quest to do what all of us have been doing with our hands since we were three-years-old.

But you have to admit this is a pretty cool machine.