Just in case you didn't know, pulling a prank on your girlfriend is never a good idea no matter how great you think your relationship is. No matter how great your prank is, there is only one of two things that can happen.

First, the prank is going to work perfectly and you're going to get the laughs you were looking for, but your girlfriend is going to be the angriest you may have ever seen her. Second, she totally knows that you're trying to prank her so she turns it all around on you and makes you feel like a complete jackass. Either way it's never going to work out in your favor.

The guy in video thought he would be super funny and tell his girlfriend that he had cheated on her. So he set up his camera and got ready to tell her. The only problem is that his girlfriend saw the camera, so she knew what he was trying to do. That's why she flips the prank on him, saying that she has also cheated! His reaction is absolutely priceless.