Chris Brown's CDs have been slapped with a warning sticker in the U.K., but  not for profanity in his music, but for assaulting Rihanna a few years ago.

The professional-looking sticker reads, "WARNING:  DO NOT BUY THIS ALBUM!  THIS MAN BEATS WOMEN."

Apparently, some Chris Brown haters put the stickers on his CDs in at least one store.  That store issued this statement: "It was very much an isolated incident and nothing to do with [us] or representing our views. It would appear a member of the public stickered a handful of CDs.  These were spotted and quickly removed, but, before we could act, the individual concerned must have taken a photo and sent it to the media."

It's unknown who put the stickers on the CDs, but it's,  "believed to be the work of an anti-domestic violence group." (No, Really?)