It was just barely 2 months ago when the internet was rocked by something the likes of which could never be matched. A new video hit YouTube that would change the world forever. Of course I'm referring to "Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos."

The original video was called "Episode 1," so we all waited in eager anticipation for what the next episode would hold. We waited and waited and waited. Soon the copycat version started. These sub par attempts to recreate a masterpiece only led to anger, hostility, and internet blogs ripping them apart.

Well, rejoice my friends! Finally, YouTuber HelloDenizen has posted a follow-up video. This one not only features the hamster we had grown to love, but also a new friend. Don't worry, this isn't like when the Brady Bunch added cousin Oliver. This new hedgehog friend is actually the star of this production. In fact, it's his birthday and he's having a party. Watch, enjoy, and hope that the next video comes sooner than this one did!