If this wasn't a real product this would be a hilarious video, but the fact that it is real just makes it seem a little creepy (but still funny).

You know that rumor out there that girls don't poop? Well don't believe it and if you're saying "Well I've never noticed a smell or an extra-long bathroom break from my woman," then chances are that your woman already knows about the Poo-Pourri spray and she's super quick when it comes to pinching a loaf.

Now I haven't tested this myself, so I can't say if it really does what it is supposed to, but it does have a website which looks pretty official, several different scented sprays to choose from and a claim that they've already sold 4,050,700 Poo-Pourri sprays. If you know from experience that this works please leave a comment below.

According to the instructions all you have to do is spray the Poo-Pourri in the toilet before you take the Browns to the Super Bowl. The chemicals in the spray create a barrier on top of the water that traps in those fumes from your stink pickles. Now obviously this product is aimed at woman, there's not a man out there who wouldn't be proud if his chocolate Twizzlers cleared the restroom, but whether or not you’re interested in the Poo-Pourri spray (which makes a great gift, especially if your lady has been fumigating the bathroom lately) at least check out the video and get yourself a good laugh.