This is hurting me to write this right now because two of my favorite teams are on this list. I hate bandwagon fans to, but I will always support my teams no matter what.

According to Urban Dictionary a bandwagon fan is anyone who claims they are a "fan" of a particular sports team, even though they had no prior support for/interest in the team until that team started winning. These types of fans only show playoff interest, have probably never watched a regular season game, don't own any type of team merchandise, nor would they buy any.

So as soon as a team starts losing everyone jumps ship and gives up. I would never do that in my life. I have to much time and money invested in all my teams.

Top 10 Bandwagon Fan Bases below:

#10.)  Columbus Blue Jackets, NHL.  Down 19.2%.

#9.)  Baltimore Orioles, MLB.  Down 19.7%.  Even though they finally just got good again, the fans haven't fully come back.

#8.)  New York Mets, MLB.  Down 22%.

#7.)  Detroit Pistons, NBA.  Down 22.3%.

#6.)  Oakland Athletics, MLB.  Down 22.6%.

#5.)  Dallas Stars, NHL.  Down 23.2%.

#4.)  Arizona Diamondbacks, MLB.  Down 32%.  They'd just won a World Series ten years ago.

#3.)  Houston Astros, MLB.  Down 36.1%.

#2.)  Cleveland Indians, MLB.  Down 38.7%.

#1.)  Seattle Mariners, MLB.  Down 51.4%.

In case you do not know anything about me. My favorite teams are the Dallas Cowboys, Baltimore Orioles, Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Stars. So two of my favorites are on this list at number nine and five. I had to share this story though only because I do not like bandwagon fans.

Support your teams through the hard times it only makes it that much sweeter when they do win the championship. It was hard being a Mavericks fan all those years until they finally hoisted the trophy. It was that much better because I was in the stadium when the cowboy hat was on the court. I remember no one was in the stands and I still supported them.