With so many Facebook pages, how do you narrow down a list to just a few that may be considered the best to visit? It wasn’t easy work, but after doing some digging, some clicking, some asking around, and some homework, I think I’ve found a few pages that you should visit. Perhaps you’ve already “liked” one or two of these, and you could absolutely argue that I’ve missed some great ones. After all, there’s only so much time in the day to stalk Facebook pages. Nevertheless, here are the recommendations for my top five:

  • 1

    Jenna Mourey

    Jenna Mourey. You may know Jenna from her video “How to Trick People Into Thinking You’re Good Looking.” It was a phenomenal success. Also known as Jenna Marbles, she posts a new video every Wednesday. The great thing about her is that she’s intelligent, highly educated, drop-dead gorgeous, and never afraid to make a fool of herself in order to get her point across. She rants about things that annoy her, gives dating advice, shows you a peek into her world, and never fails to impress with her wit and unabashed honesty. Before visiting her videos, however, I would caution that they’re rated R. You may not want to turn up the volume while your 4-year-old is in the room.

    Photo via Jenna Mourey Facebook page
  • 2

    The Bro Code

    The Bro Code. This is a suggestion by my 17-year-old, who stumbled across the page and has been talking about it ever since. The Bro Code comes directly from Barney Stinson, the wealthy man-whore of the TV show “How I Met Your Mother.” Listing 150 “articles” from the Code, it is intended to be a guide to living for guys. The reason that I like this site is because it pays homage to a television show that I really love watching, and anything having to do with Neil Patrick Harris just has to be awesome. Or rather, anything having to do with Neil Patrick Harris just has to be legen – wait for it – dary.

    Photo via The Bro Code Facebook page
  • 3


    Tosh.O. I love, love, love Daniel Tosh. My husband is keenly aware of this. Every time I see a new episode of his show on Comedy Central, I always have a jaw-dropping moment. His Facebook page is just as great and is crammed full of links, blogs, Tosh.O news, and things to keep you occupied during your down time at work. Not that any of us would ever use work time for such endeavors, but you catch my drift. Whoever is keeping up this page is definitely doing a great job of it, as there is new content posted nearly every day.

    Photo via Tosh.O Facebook page
  • 4

    Jones Soda Company

    Jones Soda. If you want to see what an interactive, awesome Facebook page looks like, this is one to click on. With blogs, user photos, killer videos, and weekly polls, this company has gone all out to make you, the consumer, feel as though you’re a part of their team. I was so inspired by it, in fact, that I even uploaded my own photo. Will they use it on a bottle of their delicious soda? Probably not, but it’s always nice to dream.

    Photo via Jones Soda Facebook page
  • 5


    NFL. It’s almost too easy to pick the NFL as one of my top pages when it’s football season. I’m posting it anyway. My fantasy team may be awful, but the whole football experience is one that I love taking part in every season. As a side note – Superbowl is a bigger deal to me than pretty much any other holiday. Yes, I called it a holiday. At the NFL Facebook page, you’ll find loads of polls, news, photos, and info to keep you in the game, along with videos and discussions. Here is where you can publicly call Tony Romo a sissy, even though he played and won against the 49ers with a punctured lung. I don’t think any of you Romo haters could do that…

    Photo via NFL Facebook page