Bad wedding toasts are so common, it's almost like a tradition. And one mistake a lot of people make is getting nervous and drinking before their speech, which can make things a lot worse.

But even sober, wedding toasts are pretty easy to screw up. Here's a list of the top five topics you should never talk about in a wedding toast.

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    Backhanded Compliments

    People do this all the time: They're just joking, but they say something like, "Wow, I can't believe someone like FRANK landed someone like YOU."

    Now Frank might think it's funny. But the bride's side of the family might be offended, because you're suggesting she just married a loser.

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    Anything about Your Own Failed Marriage

    There's no way to bring it up without embarrassing yourself. It just makes you seem kind of pathetic.

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    Hard Times in the Bride and Groom's Relationship

    A lot of people want their toast to be funny, which is fine. But make sure it's a toast, not a roast. If they broke up ten times before they finally got engaged, leave that detail out.

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    That includes saying something nice like, "Wow, this must have cost a fortune" The thing is, if it LOOKS like it cost a fortune, it did. And at least one person in the room is probably stressed about it.

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    The Bride or Groom's Past Relationships

    Don't do it, even if you're saying something nice. Comparing your friend's new spouse to some reject from five years ago might get a laugh. But it also might make things uncomfortable.

    Someone's wedding day should be about their NEW relationship, not their old ones.