Most of us have been pulled over, and if your like most people, as soon as you see those lights in your rear view mirror, excuses for why you were speeding or whatever you were doing, begin racing through your head. Well thanks to a new survey, we now have a list of the top ten excuses that people give to cops after being stopped. Unfortunately the survey didn't state how often, if ever, that these excuses worked. But next time you get pulled over it couldn't hurt to throw out a couple of these excuses.

1.  I couldn't see the sign telling me not to do it . . . like a speed limit sign, or a no U-turn sign.

2.  I'm lost and don't know the roads around here.

3.  I didn't know it was broken . . . like a broken brake light or turn signal.

4.  Everyone else was doing it.

5.  I'm having an emergency . . . like spilling a hot drink on your lap.

6.  I missed my turn or exit.

7.  I had to go to the bathroom.

8.  I didn't do anything dangerous.

9.  I was on my way to an emergency . . . like to help someone who was sick or injured.

10.  My GPS told me to do it.