You’ve heard of the cinnamon challenge, perhaps the clay challenge or even the salt and ice challenge, and all of them have hilarious results. Now the latest challenge to hit the Interwebz is the condom challenge.

In this video, we see Savannah Strong, a young woman who has chosen to take on the task. She starts to describe what the challenge is, but then decides she’ll just show us instead. Before she can begin, she turns up the radio so we can listen to Taylor Swift singing in the background and then she proceeds to open the package.

At first she looks as though she’s trying to tear through a bank vault and has some trouble getting the package open, then we see her unroll the product. She then makes the comment “this thing’s long” before sticking it up one nostril and snorting it. She then pulls it out of her mouth and the challenge is completed.

Maybe I’m just old, but does anyone else wonder what was going through a person’s mind when they create a challenge like this? Challenge: not accepted.