Nothing like starting a bucket list and getting stuck on number one.

38-year-old Jennifer Morrow and 36-year-old Andrea Mobley are lifelong friends from Ocala, Florida.  They hadn't seen each other in fifteen years when they finally reconnected last week. Once they got back together, they decided they'd team up to cross some items off their joint bucket list.  Unfortunately, they haven't made much progress because they're still stuck on the first item.

The first item was shoplifting.  On Wednesday, they went to a Walmart in Ocala.  The police report says Jennifer ate beef jerky while Andrea shoved some bathing suits in her purse. I am not exactly sure the specific bucket list item here.  Was it shoplifting?  Shoplifting from a Walmart?  Shoplifting bathing suits from a Walmart?  Shoplifting bathing suits from a Walmart while chewin' on jerky?

Well they got caught by a security guard.  Both of them are facing charges of petty theft. Why couldn't the bucket list be visit some place or go skydiving?