About a year ago, an umpire named Jim Joyce managed to ruin a perfect game for the Detroit Tigers.

On the final out of the game, called a runner safe when he was clearly out. Jim has not been living down this blown call and he came out after the game that night with tears in his eyes feeling like he ruined a game of a lifetime for the pitcher Armando Gallaraga that night.

On Monday, he was in Phoenix, Arizona to work a game between the Miami Marlins and Arizona Diamondbacks. About 90 minutes before game time, he was in the tunnel leading to the field when a stadium employee named Jayne Powers had a seizure and collapsed. Jim took a CPR course back in high school, and when Jayne stopped breathing he remembered enough to get her breathing again.  Paramedics had to shock her several times with a defibrillator but doctors said Jim's CPR saved her life.

Jim visited Jayne in the hospital on Tuesday.  She's doing much better and should be released by the end of the week. Although Detroit Tigers fans don't want to remember Jim Joyce this is a story that makes you feel good about Jim.