Many New York Knick fans were upset when Jeremy Lin was not signed by them in early July. No fan was more upset than 5-year-old Naim.

After the Knick's let  Jeremy Lin go, little Naim was running around his house crying with his Linsanity finger. His father recorded him and put him on YouTube.

This video has over 90,000 views and one of the people that saw it was Jeremy Lin himself..

Watch little Naim get upset over the Jeremy Lin trade:

This story does have a happy ending though, after Jeremy Lin saw the video he contacted Naim's father through his Youtube account. They setup an opportunity for the two to talk on Skype one night and little Naim got to talk to his favorite player one on one.

Watch Naim talk to his favorite basketball player:

If only YouTube was around when I was a kid I could have talked to Emmit Smith. I remember I was very upset when he was traded to the Cardinals but what can you do now. Hey Emmit if you are reading this,  it would still be an honor to meet you...