Dear Fellow singles and scrooges; I hear ya!

No matter what your sentiment on this day, I want you to know it's been said and felt before, and will continue to be so by many a single AND taken individual. Nobody, but nobody can come up with a better list of reasons NOT to feel the need to gift out of compulsion than the anti-Valentine's Day crowd. Let me know when I'm warm - An organization or collusion of commercial profiteers seeking to coerce as many men and women into buying their product of choice, with a very clearly implied, "I dare you not to." Lest you be of the single's species, which, on this day are considered by some to be similar to those bearing "the mark", or carriers of leprosy. Yes.. yes.. well.. here is what I have to say about that. This day in history will go on until it's very roots are protested, and the evil corporations involved overthrown!! We must rise up together!! TAKE A STAND!!

.. Ehhno. Not really.

But! Rather than deciding which role you'll play in this year’s script (romantic optimist/valentine scrooge), I challenge you to take a fresh approach and enjoy the day with a rejuvenated edge. While these gushy mushy types are runnin' around making a normal day more "special," I would advise you to come together in agreement and take the liberty to create reason for this day to be special to you.

To the singles - Despite what that cute couple may appear to have that you don't, there are several reasons you should be thrilled on Valentine's Day to be right where you are. Remember, the grass is always greener on the other side, so instead of looking over the fence at the couples sharing a moment together, remember to see the vibrant green that same couple see's when looking into your backyard (sorry scrooges, that may apply to you). You have freedoms and liberties to do as you please whenever you like! No compromises, no responsibility to another, and no expectations! This is YOU time!

Slow down killa', sure, you can be stingy if you like, after all, it's one of the perks - but let's not get carried away. Valentine's Day is a great day to exercise your beloved liberty and do something to celebrate the spirit of it. Like what? Well.....

1) Throw a single's bash!

What? You forgot you're not the only man in a one man wolf pack? Pfft! Quit sulking and use your social media and networking devices for something other than looking at sports or sarcastic cuddly animals all day! Create an event page with a location and time - it can be as simple as setting up at your place, or renting a lane at the bowling alley, or you can go big and rent an event room sized for a huge party! Then invite other singles to join in helping you put all the details together. Add a little more pizzazz by making it a costume party, or by creating battle of the sexes' competitions.

2) Find a Hobby!

OK, so maybe your not in the mood to launch a full on new hobby project. But that shouldn't stop you from taking a look at this list of the 10 weirdest hobbies I found online.. you know I think the playing dead guy has a pretty legit gig. The point is.. plan to do something NEW on Valentine's Day - whatever interests you, whatever your passion is, use this day to propel you one step closer to your goals. Take the time you have to research or finish a project. Look into getting certified in an area of interest, or figure out how to get back into school and finally complete that degree you lost sight of.

3) "I don't always pick things up, but when I do - I put them down"

Wohhhh Take it easy! Don't rush to the gym after not going in several years and think your gonna show Schwarzenegger how to get things done. But! Do get your tush back in the gym! Make this day about creating a much needed strengthening, revitalizing, harmonious experience. Put together a work-out, look one up online if your not sure of where to start (*a personal trainer for the day to help you get started might be a good way to find motivation).  After you get in a couple solid hours at the gym, take a nice hot shower and head over to a local spa for a massage!

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4) Do nothing

That's right. It's not for everyone, but for the select few who get enough busy time on a regular basis, this might be a perfect day to relax at the house and enjoy doing absolutely not one thing!

5) Travel!

Hop in your car and take a trip to see family, or friends that you haven't seen in a while. Maybe take a trip to that cute little town you've always wanted to make time to check out and drive through.

6) Donate or volunteer to an organization, or individual.

Keep things in perspective. You can find many beautiful things to cherish in your life and in the lives of those around you. No matter who you are there is always someone who isn't as well off as you. Find that person, find those people, find a way to help bring a moment of happiness to those around you and you will find that your day couldn't be better.