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Don’t get trapped in a two-year contract with hidden fees and limits on everything. Our plans make it easy to change your plan whenever you feel like it, no surprise charges involved.

Nationwide 4G LTE Network

If you like to travel, you’ll love our nationwide 4G LTE network. We cover more than 200 million Americans. And our low-cost plans leave plenty of room in your budget. So go ahead, hit the road

Plans with Big Savings

Our plans are simple and straightforward. Low prices, no annual contracts and taxes already included. See just how much you can save with MetroPCS versus the other big phone companies.

Blazing-fast 4G

Discover the speed of the hottest new 4G LTE

phones. With no limits, no annual contracts and unbeatable rates, you really can have it all.

Keep Your Number

Switch to MetroPCS and keep your current

cell phone number so you can stay on the

grid and your contacts can reach you.

MetroPromise Guarantee

If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. So if you’re dissatisfied with your phone, simply return it and we’ll give you a full refund.