A new law that maybe will pass in China forces you to go see your parents. Well maybe not force you, but if you don't your parents can sue you.

The national legislature in China is now requiring that adult children visit their parents often. Otherwise, elderly parents who feel ignored can sue their kids.

The law is partly a reflection of a cultural change in parts of the developing country. The traditional extended family in China is fading, according to the Associated Press. Historically in many Asian cultures, aging parents and grandparents live with a child or other family member. Sending a parent to a nursing home was just not acceptable -- nor was it affordable for many families.

The new law doesn't say how often children must visit their parents -- and there may not be enough grounds here for any resulting lawsuit.China now has nearly 167 million people over age 60, the BBC reports. While the law is partially intended to sustain the family unity that may be starting to fray in China, it's also an attempt to ensure that the oldest and weakest members of society are cared for.

I would hope people would want to go see their parents in their old age. Hopefully it doesn't make the fear of a lawsuit make you go see them.