Four new NIN Facebook Fan of the Week nominees have been chosen - now it's up to you to decide who goes home with the title.

This week competing for your votes we have Cathy Ramirez, Cheryl Wright, Jenny Custard and Misty Wadjun Ralston.  These four fine ladies have each made an appearance on the 929 NIN Facebook page with the occasional 'Like' and/or comment.

The person with the most votes at the end of the contest will win an awesome NIN prize pack and move on to compete against other fans of the week to become the NIN Facebook Fan of the Month! So check out their photos and browse our Facebook page to see their interactions, then cast your vote in the poll below!

Cathy Ramirez

Cheryl Wright

Jenny Custard

Misty Wadjun Ralston

How it works: We’ll post several profile photos of fans who Like’ the NIN Facebook page and have recently interacted with us on Facebook. These fans will then compete for your votes to become the NIN Facebook Fan of the Week – and win an awesome NIN prize pack! Each week’s winner will then move on and face off to become the Facebook Fan of the Month – and win an even more awesome prize! So make sure you come hang out with us on the NIN Facebook page and leave some comments, like our posts, and more importantly HAVE FUN – and you could be our next featured Facebook Fan of the Week!

Voting ends Sunday at 11:59 pm.

You may vote once per day.