Here at NIN we love our listeners and fans - we just wouldn't be what we are without you! That's why we wan't YOU to be the face of 92.9 NIN! Each week we are going to feature two of our Facebook fans that interact with us the most (comments, likes, posts, etc.) and let you decide who will move on to be the NIN Facebook Fan of the Week!

This week's featured Facebook fans are Emily Burroughs Hendrickson of Graham, TX and Gretchen Gray Lancaster of Wichita Falls, TX.  Both of these lovely ladies have been quick to give us a 'like' or share their thoughts with a comment on our FB page.

Emily Burroughs Hendrickson


Gretchen Gray Lancaster

How it works: We'll post two profile photos of two fans who Like' the NIN Facebook page and have recently interacted with us on Facebook. These two fans will then compete for your votes to become the NIN Facebook Fan of the Week - and win an awesome NIN prize pack!  Each week's winner will then move on and face off to become the Facebook Fan of the Month - and win an even more awesome prize! So make sure you come hang out with us on the NIN Facebook page and leave some comments, like our posts, and more importantly HAVE FUN -  and you could be our next featured Facebook Fan of the Week!
Voting will end on Sunday at 11:59 pm