It never ceases to amaze me the fascination we all have with losing weight.  Even skinny people think they could shed a few pounds.  Well, now, thanks to a new study, there just may be an easier way to get slim, get smarter, and live longer!  Plus, you can start doing it right now! It will, however, make three days of your week a living hell.

Researchers at the National Institute for Aging found that if you fast every other day, it's great for your heart, your brain, and your body.  On the days where you fast, you actually can eat a little . . . only between zero and 500 calories . . . (That's approximately 3 regular 12oz sodas, or a turkey sub)

That sounds awful.  BUT there's another twist.  In tests, the people who were fasting every other day could eat pretty much anything they wanted on their eating days.  And they still lost weight. Think about it, ANYTHING YOU WANT!  Milkshake for breakfast... sure!  T-Bone and Au Gratin Potatoes for lunch... Go for it! Waffles for snack... No problem! Three cheese enchilada platter for dinner... Andalay!

The scientists say this all comes down to insulin production.  After high-carb, high-sugar food, your body produces extra insulin.  That's bad for your heart, it causes weight gain, and actually reduces your brain function.

Even though people were releasing more insulin on their eating days, the lack of insulin on their fast days more than made up for it.  The bottom line is just eat like a pig on your eating days and drink LOTS of water on your three fasting days during the week.  If anybody is brave enough to try this, let us know how it turns out.  We're way too fond of the two -hour lunch here to truly give this a go!