Jimmy Kimmel understands that sometimes you just have to mess with your kids. Last Halloween he asked the viewers of Jimmy Kimmel Live to prank their kids, and he was flooded with videos showing the reactions to the prank. If you're looking to prank your kids this year, you might want to try this.

The concept was simple – after your kids go to bed on Halloween night, hide their candy. When they wake the next morning and ask where it is, tell them you at it all. What was the result? You can guess that the children in this video weren't too happy about their hard-earned stash disappearing. Kimmel admits that he didn't expect there to be so much crying, he figured they would just be mad.

The last kids are my favorite. The older of the pair remains relatively calm and tells his mom that she'll probably get a belly ache. You can tell he's unhappy with what's happened, but he refuses to shed tears and throws logic at the camera instead.

If you're looking to rock the boat in your household, give it a try. Just don't be surprised if your kids come after you in your sleep.