Neil Patrick Harris hosted the Tony Awards last night and he proved once again that he’s perfect for that role. The opening number clocked in at around eight minutes in length, which may seem like an eternity to someone watching a video on the Internet. Yet this amazing clip flies by as you see NPH singing, dancing, jumping through hoops (literally), being tossed into the air by cheerleaders, and even disappearing during a magic trick.

Mike Tyson also stopped by for the number. If you’re wondering what he has to do with the Tony Awards, like I did, I’ve discovered that Tyson had a one-man show on Broadway this year. I wonder if he did singing and dancing for that show…

The sequence was sprinkled with references to Kathy Lee Gifford’s lyrics for her show ‘Scandalous,’ a joke about extreme close-ups during ‘Les Miserables,’ and even a shout out to Tom Hanks, who was in the audience.

What do you think of the opening act? Did NPH pull it off?