This may be the best drive-thru order of all time:  In a YouTube video titled, "I Love Sonic", an aspiring singer-songwriter named Giorgio Fareira went to the drive-thru at Sonic with his friends.  And instead of speaking the order, he brought a guitar and sang it.

Giorgio even has to correct his order and have them add cheese to his Tater Tots singing with a big grin, "Please, please put cheese on them for me - tonight, and I will be so grateful to you."

And what makes it even better is the drive-thru girl's reaction.  She seemed pretty happy about it with a nice genuine laugh at the end.

And you know what?  It made us pretty happy too. Nice job Giorgio!

Btw - if you are interested you can check out Girogio Fareira's real music here.

Watch Giorgio serenade this Sonic employe with his order: