Every great hit deserves a great parody, and this Lorde “Royals” parody fits the bill. It’s a woman by the name of Molly Dworsky, and she’s singing about getting older while watching people she’s old enough to have babysat are getting rich with success. It’s a true take on getting older.

In the song “Hopkins” we hear lyrics like:

Cuz every song's, like, written by a kid I probably used to babysit
Killing it by puberty while I can barely stay fit
So unfair that Lorde's a millionaire at seventeen

And everybody's got kids, a mortgage, real responsibility
Neck pain, diets, "hot chicks" were born after me
So unfair, I have to pay for my own health care

If you’re at least ten years past high school you can likely relate. Check out the original video for comparison: