Here's a stupid but awesome new invention to help you save on baggage fees.

Almost every airline charges fees now if you check bags. Spirit Airlines takes it even further, and charges you a fee to put a carry-on in the overhead compartment.  And every trend suggests that more of these fees are coming.

Which is why we love this new product created by a 57-year-old engineer in Belgium named John Power. It's a suitcase that transforms into a bulky jacket. It's called the JakToGo.

So you pack it like a bag, and when you're walking through the airport, you carry it like a bag. But before you board the flight, you convert it into a jacket and wear it.

Yes, it's extremely bulky and makes you look like an upside-down light bulb with legs. And it can't be comfortable to sit there wearing all your stuff for an entire flight. But isn't that all worth it to save on baggage fees?

It costs $110, plus about $11 to ship to the U.S. But think about it: If you have enough stuff that's too much for a carry-on, and think you'll need to check a bag, you could jam your extra stuff in the jacket. Do that three times and it pays for itself.

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