You thought employees at different fast food restaurant would not follow in Taco Bells footsteps.

Now its summer time its hot and I imagine nothing more refreshing than an ice cold frosty. Don't get me wrong if I was the only one working in the Wendy's I would have definitely done this. You can guarantee though no one would be taking a picture of it though.

Remember before cell phone cameras, when we just assumed fast food employees were doing horrible things to our food? We could ignore the feeling because there wasn't proof? Yet another photo has surfaced online of a fast food worker doing something disgusting behind the scenes.

This time it's an employee at Wendy's, who was photographed drinking a Frosty straight out of the machine.  His mouth isn't necessarily touching the nozzle, but it looks like it's going to. The Frosty spilling out of his mouth looks gross too. Someone posted the photo online yesterday morning.  The higher-ups at Wendy's found out in the afternoon and issued a statement saying, quote, "If true, this is totally inexcusable.  We are investigating and will take action."

There's no word yet where this photo was taken.  For what it's worth, the guy who posted the photo also posted a few months ago saying he lives in Michigan. So local fast food workers I am sure some stuff is going on behind the scenes, but we don't want it shared on social media.