Eric the intern has been abused since he started interning here for the MSU Spring Semester.  We can't help it...  I mean free labor is free labor, right?  For those of you that have not seen Eric, one thing you may not be aware of, IS JUST HOW HAIRY HE IS!!!!!

In fact, there have been many times out on location that I have suggested to Eric that he get his full on sweater waxed off.  Now he has agreed! Of course, like the simpering weasel he is, though, he put a stipulation on it.  In order for Eric The Intern to get his entire front waxed, he needed to get 1000 'likes' on this post on Facebook. Now we didn't quite get the 1,000 'likes' we were looking for, but we're going to wax his Chewbacca chest anyway! Aren't we just the nicest?

Watch the full uncut video of Eric the Intern getting his chest waxed live on-air: